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“Tess is my go to person when I can't operate my body comfortably. I can't think of a better recommendation than continued patronage. Thank you Tess!" -SteveB

“I visited Tess to see if she could relieve some of my discomfort from an old shoulder injury using her therapeutic massage techniques. Her warm empathy along with her expert knowledge of human anatomy quickly convinced me that her approach would be effective. Tess was able to pin-point the region deep within my shoulder and apply deep tissue massage to the afflicted area with almost no guidance from me. She seemed to know exactly where, how and with what intensity to work my shoulder. I highly recommend Tess for massage in any capacity. She truly is an expert in her field. -Phil House, Materials Engineer,

Tess is a one-of-a-kind massage therapist, combining deep tissue work with a gentle and flowing touch. And Tess' relaxed, genuine personality is the perfect complement to her expertise.” -Callie Hill,

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