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Therapeutic Massage-tailored to your individual needs.

Corporate Wellness Programs- Anywhere in the U.S.A!

According to the American Massage Therapy Associaton (AMTA) massage at the workplace is among the most appreciated "perks" a company can provide. A great alternative to the "Coffee Break", it's an expense that actually saves money by reducing employee down time due to work related stress and ergonomic problems. In our experience, a 10 or 15 minute chair massage can mitigate pain and stiffness in the back and neck, which can eliminate an extra trip to the doctor! There's no better way for a company to show that they care about their people, than an Employee Appreciation Day which includes chair massages!

On-Site Chair Massage

On-Site Chair Massage

Please call us to discuss options for your own Employee Appreciation or Employee Wellness Day. (203)952-6113 or email All massage therapists are licensed and insured in the states where services are provided.

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