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Offering quality bodywork since 2003!

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At CT Massage & Bodywork we help you take care of your energetic body, not just your physical body. It's as important to your health as eating organic and natural foods, using products that don't damage the environment (or your body), and maintaining a positive, optimistic outlook.

Who are CT Massage & Bodywork clients?

Our clients are proactive about their health. They also take charge of their wellness by being open to non-conventional, alternative healing methods. They aren't looking to pop pills or for a "quick fix", but rather, want solutions that address the underlying issues that cause dis-ease.

You are probably a great fit for CT Massage & Bodywork if:

-You have pain and tightness in your muscles due to

  • excessive activity

  • ergonomic issues at work

  • sports or accident related injury

  • stress

  • chronic illness

-You are interested in learning about natural and organic dietary guidance and skincare so you look great in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond!

-You require, or are open to therapies that maintain your energetic body.

-You want to feel and look your very best, and you understand that the process works best from the inside, out!

Please call to make an appointment: (203)952-6113


CT Massage & Bodywork, LLC

47 Oak Street, Suite 280

Stamford, CT 06905

(203) 952-6113

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